IT’S OKAY POETRY - Rutwik Deshpande | English Poetry

IT’S OKAY POETRY - Rutwik Deshpande | English Poetry |
IT’S OKAY POETRY - Rutwik Deshpande | English Poetry |

It's Okay Poetry Lyrics by Rutwik Deshpande: This English Spoken Word Poetry Recited by him. Music given by Aditya Verma. While It's Okay English Poetry written by Rutwik Deshpande. It's released by Spill Poetry YouTube Channel. (Please Show Your Love on our YouTube Channel PoetryHit).

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Poetry Title: It's Okay
Recited By: Rutwik Deshpande
Written: Rutwik Deshpande
Produced: Brahma Media
Poetry Language: English
Poetry Label: Spill Poetry {alertSuccess}

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Poetry Title: It's Okay
Recited By: Rutwik Deshpande
Music: Aditya Verma
Video Edit By: Jogi
Poetry Language: English
Poetry Label: PoetryHit {alertSuccess}

It's Okay Poetry Lyrics

I Bought A Guitar For Myself After
Listening To A John Mayer Album
One Night Two Years Ago…

I Haven't Mastered It Yet
In Fact To Be Honest With You
I Can Barely Play It…

I Can Only Manage To String
A Few Chords Together And
Play A Simple Song…

Sometimes Not Even That
You Know I'd Like
To Have Learned It By Now…

I Wouldn't Want To Be Called
A Musician or Anything
But I Like The Idea of
Playing It At A House Party
With My Friend Singing Along…

I Give Myself About This
My Favourite Song Is
Stairway To Heaven…

I Can't Play It
But I Often Think About It
or Should I Say
“Oh It Makes Me Wonder?”…

The First Canvas
That I Ever Painted
I Abandoned It Midway…

It Was A Painting
With Two (2) Women
Sitting In Front of A
Black And Blue Background…

I Thought
I Started off Well
But When I Realized That
I Had Painted One of Them So Large
That I Couldn't Fit The Other
I Left It Immediately…

There Is A Chance
That Even Today
Behind The Cupboard of
My Old House There Is A Canvas of
One Large Woman
Who Still Feels Lonely…

I Have Stopped Painting
Although I Like The Idea of Hanging
Your Canvas That
I've Painted on The Wall of My House…

You Know Sometimes
I Get So Motivated To Learn
A New Skill That I Start Like In
Eight (8) Hour Online Course…

I Buy A New Notebook
Particularly Dedicated To That Skill…

But Soon I Get So Intimidated
So Overwhelmed By
Those Eight (8) Hours That
I Struggled To Get Past The First…

Every Time I Start A New Novel
I Read Like 100 Pages At A Stretch
In A Single Day
And Nothing The Day After…

I Am Afraid That By The End
My Life Will Just Be
A Collection of Racist Half Run
That I Will Never Have Reached
The Finish Line That
I Will Never Be Called
A Finisher Let Alone A Winner…

You Know
It Scares Me That
I Might Never Finish This Poem…

But Here's The Next Line…

And The One After That
Huh..? Maybe It's Not That Hard
If I Take It One Line At A Time…

It Never Feels Good
When I Go Down
This Rabbit Hole
I Always Come Out
Feeling Inadequate
So I Ask Myself Why..?

Thus Drinking Only
Half A Glass of Water
Not Quench My Thirst..?

Does Running Only
Half A Marathon
Not Make Me Feel Tired..?

You Know What..?
I Think The Real Culprit Is Capitalism…

No… Hear Me Out…

It Sells Me The Idea of
Playing The Guitar
At The House Party
The Idea of Hanging Up My Art…

It Tells Me That
I Must Have This Huge Bookshelf
To Consider Myself Intelligent…

It Makes Me Think About
Performing This Poem
Even Before I'm Done Writing It..!

Capitalism Succeeds
In Selling Me The Guitar
The Art supplies
The Online Course
And The Novel
What It Doesn't Succeed In
Is Teaching Me
How To Absorb Information
And How To Enjoy Learning…

And If It's Not
Going To Teach Me
That… Then…

Then I Must Teach Myself
Then I Must Remind Myself
That A Glass of Water
Is Still A Glass of Water
No Matter How Full…

Then I Must Remind Myself
that I Am Not My Phone's Battery
Whose Mission It Is To Reach 100%…

I Am A Human Being..!

I Have Complex Emotions And Thoughts
Which Are Not Always Perfectly Aligned…

I Want Something At One Moment
And Something Entirely Different
The Next Time That's Okay…

It Is Okay…

To Play The Guitar Badly
To Paint One Woman Instead of Two
To Read Half A Book
To Be Imperfect…

It Is Okay…

To Learn or To Do Something
Simply Because I Enjoy It
And Not Make It My Side Hustle…

It Is Okay To Be…

Whatever I Want…
Whoever I Want…
However I Want…

I Know
There Will Be Times
When I Will Want To Be Everything
But I Can't Be Everything…

I Am Something
And That's Just As Beautiful…

I Will Need To Remind Myself
That Life Is Not A Collection of Races
That We're Not All Competing With Each Other
That There Is No Finish Line..!

You Know
My Favorite Song Is
Stairway To Heaven…

I Can't Play It
But I Often Think About It
And It Tells Me That
I Am Already Everything
That I Am Meant To Be…

Written By: Rutwik Deshpande

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