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I AM A REAL WOMAN POETRY - Vanika Sangtani | English Poetry | Poetryhit.com
I AM A REAL WOMAN POETRY - Vanika Sangtani | English Poetry | Poetryhit.com

I Am A Real Woman Poetry Lyrics by Vanika Sangtani: This English Spoken Word Poetry Recited by her. Music given by Samuel Pandya. While I Am A Real Woman English Poetry written by Vanika Sangtani and edited by Amisha Bhatia. It's released by UnErase Poetry YouTube Channel. (Please Show Your Love on our YouTube Channel PoetryHit).

Original Poetry Credits:

Poetry Title: I Am A Real Woman
Recited By: Vanika Sangtani
Written: Vanika Sangtani
Curated: Simar Singh
Video Production: Vision Of Gap
Poetry Language: English
Poetry Label: UnErase Poetry {alertSuccess}

Recreate Poetry Credits:

Poetry Title: I Am A Real Woman
Recited By: Vanika Sangtani
Music: Samuel Pandya
Video Edit By: Jogi
Poetry Language: English
Poetry Label: PoetryHit {alertSuccess}

I Am A Real Woman Poetry Lyrics

They Said
Women Are Born With Pain
Childbirth Sore Boob
She Goes Through It All…

But When I Couldn't Go Through Pain
I Felt And I Believed
That I Wasn't A Real Woman…

In Grade 11
My Body Bled Out of No Where
So I Asked A Friend
For A Sanitary Pad…

But She Gave Me
A Tampon Instead
As I Started To Put That In
I Couldn't Find
The Entrance To My Vagina
And The Tampon Won't You
Just Go In Confused And
Very Embarrassed Three Years
Into Bleeding It Was Just A Tampon
And A Girl Like Me Didn't Know
How To Wear It…

So I Took The Tampon
And I Just Tried And
I Tried Ripping My Body
Into Her Screaming In Silence
I Went Through Countless Packets
I Cried For Every Failed Attempt…

But It Was Too Painful
Or Maybe I Wasn't A Real Woman…

It Was When I Was 18
And My Friends Told Me
It's Beautiful To Put
And Feel A Finger Inside…

But When I Tried
I Could Barely Stick My Finger
In My Vagina Became A Monster
And Kept Pushing Me Out
That Time I Could Barely Feel
The Pain Despair Was
The Only Thing In My Heart
And My Mind
So I Stopped Trying…

I Felt That There Was Something Wrong
With My Anatomy And God Did Not Like Me
That One Part Which Made
Everyone Else A Woman Made Me
Feel That I Am Less of A Woman…

So I Kept This As A Secret
Until When I Was 19
And I Hope That Someone Else's
Love Could Heal Me
And Allowed My Partner To Go In…

But My Vagina
Kept Shutting Him Out
This Kind of Intimacy Was
No Pleasure For Me
I Would Just Get Scared
By The Thought of It…

I Had A Forehead
That Wanted To Be Kissed
And My Cheeks Would Blush
Thinking of Intimacy
I Had Breasts That Wanted To Be
Touched But My Vagina Was A Place
Where I Could Never Feel Sexy…

Every Time I Would Let Him In
I Would Let My Own Finger
In The Pain Was Burning During
And I Just Couldn't Figure Out
Sex Is Painful I Told Myself
Every Time I Tried…

I Could Sense Frustration
And Confusion In My Partner's Eyes…

Until One Day
When He Left Me
And I Realized That
I Had No Chances At Romance…

Because I Wasn't A Real Woman…

But At 20
I Did Get My Second Chance At Love…

This Time I Had A Secret To Keep
So Every Time He Would Touch Below
I Would Hold His Hand Asking Him
To Stop Saying That I Need Time…

But Are You Are Into This
I Decided To Finally Try
As He Slipped My Dress off
Me Muscles And My Thighs Tightened
As If I Was Bracing Myself Before A Plane Crash…

I Had Made Up My Mind
But Still Still My Vagina Contracted
And He Didn't Get Through
I Was At The Maximum Point of Desperation…

I Cried For Hours Blaming Myself
I Knew Something Was Wrong With Me
I Didn't Know Who To Tell This
Mao or My Best Friend…

And When I Couldn't Care Courage
To Talk To Any Human About This…

I Looked For It Online…

Why Can't I Go Inside My Vagina..?
Why Can't I Have Sex..?

A Source Results Popped Up
I Realized That My Vagina
Has A Problem…

As They Call It Maybe My V
Just Needed A Little Extra Healing…

That Day I Knew
I Was A Real Woman
But I Wondered How Many Like Me…

Go Through That Pain
To Become One Even
If They Already Are
How Many Like Me
Go Through Painful Sex
For Their Entire Lives…

It Took Me Three Months
Three Months To Tell This To A Doctor…

I Was Guilty And I Was Scared
But I Knew I Needed Some Help…

After a Lot of Trying
At 22…

I Could Finally Put One Finger In
It Wasn't Dreamy
It Wasn't Great…

But For Once In My Life
I Could Feel Something On The Inside…

As Tears Roll Down My Eyes
I Realized That My Vagina
Isn't A Monster or A Brick…

It's Just A Lost Child…

And I…

I Am A Real Woman…

Written By: Vanika Sangtani

I Am A Real Woman Poetry | English Spoken Word Poetry Lyrics

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