THE GENDER GAME POETRY - Rubani Singh | English Poetry

THE GENDER GAME POETRY - Rubani Singh | English Poetry |
THE GENDER GAME POETRY - Rubani Singh | English Poetry |

The Gender Game Poetry Lyrics by Rubani Singh: This English Spoken Word Poetry Recited by her. Music given by Samuel Pandya. While The Gender Game English Poetry written by Rubani Singh and edited by Abhishek Bhutwani. It's released by UnErase Poetry YouTube Channel. (Please Show Your Love on our YouTube Channel PoetryHit).

Original Poetry Credits:
Poetry Title: The Gender Game
Recited By: Rubani Singh
Written: Rubani Singh
Curated: Simar Singh
Mixing & Mastering: Sohaill Gandhi
Lighting Design: Saurabh Tawde (NCPA)
Sound Recording: Sohaill Gandhi, Varun (NCPA)
Shot: NCPA-(Mumbai)
Video Production: Vision Of Gap (Kalakaksh Talent House)
Poetry Language: English
Poetry Label: UnErase Poetry

The Gender Game Poetry Lyrics

When You Are Born
Actually Even Before
You're Born…

Already Decided for You
If Whether Your Cake
Revealed Pink or Blue…

Your Gender
Your Clothes
Even Your Toys…

So As Soon As You Arrive
You Put Into A Pink Bright Dress
And People Say You
Look Like An Angel…

Growing Up
You're Given
This Rule Book “ Guide To Gender…”

Nobody Knows
Who Made It
But You Have To Follow It…

Girls Wear Skirts To School
Boys Wear Pants
No Self-Respecting
Boy Cries In Front of
People And Girls
Well They Cry All The Time…

Girls Put On Makeup
To Impress Boys And
Sports Are Just A Boy's Thing…

We Are Taught To Play
This Game of Gender
It's Like Chess…

Every Step Is A Contemplative Move
With An End Goal of Defeating
The Player In Front of You…


The Saloon Would Charge Me
Thousand For The Same Haircut
And Length My Brother Gets…

But Charge Him Half The Price Only
Because They Think I Look Like A Woman…

They Take A Look At Me
And Decide My Agenda For
What Suits Them They See
My Chest And Whisper Girl…

They See My Hair
And Whisper Boy
They Hear My Voice Is
For A Girl They See My Clothes
In Whisper Boy…

The Metal Detectors At
The Theater Stare At Me
Waiting To Detect My Gender…

The Forms At The Hospital Scream
At Me What Genitals Do You Have
Male or Female Male or female…

Male Are Female…

They Tie Me
With Their Binary…

Every Time
I Cut Myself Loose
They Tie Me Again
And I'm Reminded
How I Can Never
Truly Stop Being Female…

Love Put Labels
On People Like That Jars
In Our Kitchen Gender On
This Shelf Religion Here…

Skin Color Can Go Here
Cast Beside It Put Success On
The Top Shelf And
Throw Failure At The Back…

We Will Fall In Love Through Labels
We Don't Just Love For Love Girl
Loves Girl Girl Loves Boy…

Boy Loves Girl
Boy Loves Boy
Why Do We Love Labels
And Not People..?

Why Do We See Everything
Either Black or White..?

What Happened To
What Happened To The Rainbow..?

Let's Loving People For
Who They Are And
Not What They Have
Even If Your Cake Reveals Yellow
Don't Be Afraid…

You Should Love The Cake
No Matter What Buy The Clothes
You Comfortable In Confident
In And Not What The Label…

Tells You Empty Those Jars
From Your Kitchen
And Fill Them With
Love Instead of Expectations…

Don't Be Afraid
To Hug The Rainbow…

Don't Be Afraid
To Love You…

Written By: Rubani Singh

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