SEX EDUCATION POETRY - Taranjit Kaur | English Poetry

SEX EDUCATION POETRY - Taranjit Kaur | English Poetry |
SEX EDUCATION POETRY - Taranjit Kaur | English Poetry |

Sex Education Poetry Lyrics by Taranjit Kaur: This English Spoken Word Poetry Recited by her. Music given by Samuel Pandya. While Sex Education English Poetry written by Taranjit Kaur and edited by Amisha Bhatia. It's released by UnErase Poetry YouTube Channel. (Please Show Your Love on our YouTube Channel PoetryHit)

Original Poetry Credits:
Poetry Title: Sex Education
Recited By: Taranjit Kaur
Written: Taranjit Kaur
Curated: Simar Singh
Mixing & Mastering: Sohaill Gandhi
Lighting Design: Saurabh Tawde (NCPA)
Sound Recording: Sohaill Gandhi, Varun (NCPA)
Shot: NCPA-(Mumbai)
Video Production: Vision Of Gap
Poetry Language: English
Poetry Label: UnErase Poetry

Recreate Poetry Credits:
Poetry Title: Sex Education
Recited By: Taranjit Kaur
Written: Taranjit Kaur
Video Edit By: Jogi
Poetry Language: English
Poetry Label: PoetryHit

Sex Education Poetry Lyrics

So Guys,

I Want To Ask You Something...

What Do You Think Is
The Most Prohibited Word
In Our Society..?

We Assume That
Everyone Does It..?

But We Must Never
Talk About It...

Because Good Girls
Don't Talk About It...

So While We Spend Millions
On The Big Fat Indian Weddings..?

We Assume Every Time
That A Woman Conceives
A Child We Assume That
The Men And Women
Never Did Anything...

Because Obviously
People From Good Families
Don't Do It And Even
If They Do It They Must Never
Talk About It And Least of All
In Front of Their Parents...

So What Do You Think..?

Where Do The Children
In Indian Households
Get Their Sex Education From..?

Well Nowadays
With Everyone Owning
A Cell Phone And Having
Access To Internet And
All Kind of Websites They Can...

But Even Today
The Biology Teachers Are
Going To Skip You Ask
You To Skip That Chapter
And Ask You To Do Self-Study...

But Few Days Ago
People Would Hire A VCR
A Video Cassette Recorder
And Then Go To
This Cassette Hire Shop
And Have This Awkward
Conversation With The Guy...

And Most Probably
When You Come Home
With That Cassette
You Would Not Find
Any Useful Information...

Fast Forward
To The Present Times...

Now I Told Myself That
Since My Parents
Never Gave Me
Any Sex Education...

I Am Going To Be A
Very Conscious Parent
And I Must Admit That...

I Was Over Eager
To Pass On The Information
To My Children...

I Must Say That
Before They Use
Any Wrong Means
To Get One...

While They Were Kids
I Would Talk To Them
About Good Touch
And Bad Touch...

And As They Became Teens
And The First Time
My Son Came Home
With A Girlfriend And
He Closed The Door
of His Room...

I Knocked At The Door
I Said Please Use Protection...

Now We Look Back
He Laughs At It...

He Says Mom
What Were You
Even Thinking
We Barely Just
Held Hands...

But I Was Like
You Never Know
They're Millennials...

The Second Time
We Had A Conversation
Was About Consent...

We Had A Long Chat
Where I Told My Son
That He Must Never
Do Anything That
A Girl Doesn't Like Or Want
You Should Ask Her
What She Likes
And Never Persuade
A Girl Even Emotionally In
Making Her Believe That
She Also Wants It...

And Least of All
Never Force Yourself
On Anyone...

Now I Was Super Proud
of Myself Because
I Thought We Must Have
Conversations About Consent
With Our Kids...

Now After A Few Days
My Son Comes Back To Me
And He Says...

Mom You Spoke About
Consent The Other Day
And You Said That...

I Should Not Do
Anything That A Girl
Doesn't Like...

But What If She Asked Me
To Do Something To Her
That I Don't Like...

I Said... Just Say No
Tell Her That
You Don't Like It
And If She Still Insists
Just Walk Out of The Relationship...

He Looks At Me
And Says But Mom...

You Never Said That
Even I Could Say No...

I Just Sat There
Holding My head
Telling Him That...
Consent Is Mutual...

It's Not Only For A Man
To Get A Woman's Consent
But It's True For Every Gender
And I Just Realized That...

How The Feminist
In Me Was Ignoring The Fact
That It's Vital To Have
These Conversations With
Every Gender To Talk To Our Kids
About Sex To Be The First Ones
To Give Them Sex Education...

They Grow Up To Be
Happier And More
Responsible Adults...

Written By: Taranjit Kaur

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