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I MISS YOU POETRY - Foram Shah | English Poetry | Poetryhit.com
I MISS YOU POETRY - Foram Shah | English Poetry | Poetryhit.com

I Miss You Poetry Lyrics by Foram Shah: This English Spoken Word Poetry Performed by her. Music given by Samuel Pandya. While I Miss You English Poetry written by Foram Shah and edited by Brahma Media. It's released by Spill Poetry YouTube Channel. (Please Support Our YouTube Channel like PoetryHit)

Poetry Credits:

Poetry Title: I Miss You
Performed: Foram Shah
Written: Foram Shah
Shot: The Habitat, (Khar)
Poetry Language: English
Poetry Label: Spill Poetry{alertSuccess}

I Miss You Poetry Lyrics

I Miss You. . .

I Miss The Way We Talk
Wordlessly. . .

I Miss Taking The Bus
Instead Of Metro
Just So I Could See You
While I Waited. . .

And How You Brought Coffee
Everywhere. . .

No Matter If I Needed
To Be Woken Up
Or Be Given A Strict Speech
On Overthinking. . .

I Miss the Way
You Told Everybody
That I Was Brilliant. . .

But Might I Remind You
That Nobody Has Had
The Chance To See
My Brilliance The Way You Did
And I Don't Think
Anybody Ever Will. . .

Because Once You Love Someone
That Love Includes You And Them
And Once that Love Goes Away
Those Versions Of You Do Too. . .

I Remember The Day Vividly
We Were Sitting In The Park
On Our Favourite Bench
Because Our Favourite Swing Was
Occupied By An Old Couple
Who Were So In Love
That We Had No Chance
Of Turning Into Them. . .

But We Still Sat There

Hands And Hearts Together
Arguing If Juhu Beach Was
Better Than Marine Drive
Imagined Scenarios
From Pasts Ending Differently
Or If I Had The Chance
To Have Dinner With Hitler, I Would
Because I Had Yet To Learn About Hate
The Kind That Makes You Set Fire To The World. . .

Our Of The Three Times
I Have Told You That
I Hate You
Two Of Them Were
Because I Knew
I Loved You Way More
Than You Will Ever Love Me. . .

And The Third Was
For Never Trying To Save Us
But I Have Never Told You
I Hate You With All My Heart
Because I Loved You Once
And I Know You Are More You
With Me Than Anybody Else
And I Am More Me. . .

So It Hurts Me To Hate You
Knowing That Both The Accomplishment
And Failure Of Our Relationship Is
Based Off Of Honesty
Which Is Way Too Complicated
To Explain To You. . .

So All I'm Going To Do
Is Call You Every Few Months
And Talk To You About
Hitler And Kafka And Marine Drive
And Try To Hide
How Much
I Miss You. . .

Written By: Foram Shah

I Miss You Poetry | English Spoken Word Poetry Lyrics

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