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IT STARTED WITH A TEXT POETRY - Helly Shah | English Spoken Word Poetry Lyrics |
IT STARTED WITH A TEXT POETRY - Helly Shah | English Spoken Word Poetry Lyrics |

It Started With A Text Poetry Lyrics by Helly Shah: This English Spoken Word Poetry Performed by her. Music given by Samuel Pandya. While It Started With A Text English Poetry written by Helly Shah and edited by Amisha Bhatia. It's released by UnErase Poetry YouTube Channel. (Please Support Our YouTube Channel like PoetryHit)

Poetry Credits:

Poetry Title: It Started With A Text
Performed: Helly Shah
Written: Helly Shah
Curated: Simar Singh
Mixing & Mastering: Sohaill Gandhi
Lighting Design: Saurabh Tawde (NCPA)
Sound Recording: Sohaill Gandhi, Varun (NCPA)
Shot: NCPA (Mumbai)
Video Production: Vision Of Gap
Poetry Language: English
Poetry Label: UnErase Poetry{alertSuccess}

It Started With A Text Poetry Lyrics

It Started With A Text
Were You An Ex's Friend
Or A Friend's Ex. . ?
I Couldn't Care Less In The Moment
Because I Was Careless
Or Carefree. . ?
You See. . .

I Had Reached
The Peak Of My Lonely
As If Being 21
And Broken Up With
Wasn't Enough
10 Months Into The Pandemic
I Had Given Up. . .

By Then The Dust Of Loneliness Had Settled
Even On My Phone Screen
I Was Reliving A Real Horror Story
That Always Ended With
Someone Ghosting Me. . .

So When I Sent You That Text
I Had Nothing To Lose
Or At Least That Is The Excuse
I Gave Myself
But Look Where It Brought Us. . .

Later That Night
We Were At Your Terrace
Counting Stars And
Exchanging Stories
About What's Been Up
Lately Or Rather Down. . .

Soon You And I
Were Rainbows Bursting
Through This Black And White Town
Shoulders Brushing
Your Eyes Such A Tease
We Were Two Leaves
Whispering In The Winter Breeze. . .

Our Hearts Unfurling
Through The Quiet Night
As We Lived Vicariously
In Our Borrowed Time
And So We Drove
With Stardust In Our Throats
And Galaxies In Our Minds
You Felt Like A Souvenir
I Had Almost Left Behind
But Came Back To Find. . .

Then There Was That Night
With Our Faces Luminescent In The Moonlight
Hearts Beating Like Sirens Only Our Lips
To Cut Through This Silence. . .

But We Were Too Shy
So We Left Without A Kiss Goodbye
That Night I Knew
If My Heart Broke Again In Two
You Can Keep This Part Of Me With You. . .

But The Stars Aligned For Us
In A Different Way
So Here We Are
Two Friends Laughing
About That Night To This Day. . .

I Had Forgotten What It Was Like
To Open My Heart To Someone
To Feel A Glimmer Of Connection
And For All The Praises
I Sing Of My Solitude
Sometimes It Takes Two
To Enjoy The Quiet. . .

Thank You for
Making Me See The Light
For Walking Me Through The Dark Night. . .

Thank You For
Showing Me That
We Don't Have To Be Lovers
To Love Each Other. . .

That Kindness
Doesn't Come At A Cost
And As Long As You Find Yourself
Nothing Is Lost. . .

So Here's Why I'm Telling This Story
That I Thought I Swear
I Would Never Write
To Say That Between The Dark Evenings
There Is Also Daylight That Between
Wrong Numbers And Left Swipes
There Is Also A Right
And Beyond The Fog Of Uncertainty
There Lies A Future So Bright And Proud. . .

All You Have To Do
Is Open Your Arms
And Reach Out. . !

Swipe Stories. . .

Written By: Helly Shah

It Started With A Text Poetry | English Spoken Word Poetry Lyrics

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