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Our Unromantic Love Poetry by Jidnya Sujata: This English Spoken Word Poetry Performed by her. Music given by Aryaman Padate. While Our Unromantic Love English Poetry written by Jidnya Sujata and produced by Brahma Media. It's released by Spill Poetry YouTube Channel. (Please Support Our YouTube Channel Like PoetryHit)

Poetry Credits:
Poetry Title: Our Unromantic Love
Performed: Jidnya Sujata
Music: Aryaman Padate
Written: Jidnya Sujata
Poetry Language: English
Special Occasion: Valentines Day Special
Poetry Label: Spill Poetry

Our Unromantic Love Poetry

Our Love Isn't Everything Sweet And Romantic
It Doesn't Wake Us Up With Good Morning Texts
We Don't Have Cute Nicknames
And We Definitely Don't Have Our Song. . .

It Doesn't Promise Us That
We'll Get Married Someday
It Doesn't Make Us Pick Baby Names. . .

You Are Not The Light At The End Of My Turn
I'm Not The Jigsaw That Completes Your Puzzle
You Probably Won't Be Around On My 30th Birthday
I Won't Be Consoling You
When You Make Your First Tattoo. . .

We Won't Share A Name Plate
And We Won't Have Identical House Keys
Our Love Wouldn't Be Laid On The Foundation Of Forevers

I Wouldn't Know
If You Have Changed Your Preference
From Ginger Tea To Elaichi. . .

You Wouldn't Know
If My Panipuri Is More Sweet Or Spicy
Our Love Would Probably Change
Its Course In The Middle Of The Race
It Will Drain Out Before We Need Lifeboats. . .

We Won't Look At Shooting Stars
And Ask For Each Other
We Won't Be Eternal Lovers
Like Radha And Krishna. . .

You Won't Know The Name Of The Puppy
That I Adopted 27
I Won't Know
How You Chanced Upon The Title Of Your First Book
You Definitely Won't See Me Colour
My Hair For The First Time. . .

I Won't Know If Lavender Air Fresheners
Still Make You Sneeze
Our Love Wouldn't Be Anything Sweet And Romantic

It'll Be Everything They Tell Us
It Is Not. . .

We Won't Need Each Other
To Keep The Love Alive
Yours Will Come And Yours Will Go
And Will Grow Old And
Probably Die In Different Time Zones. . .

But Till The Last Breath Leaves Our Lungs
I Want Us To Write About It
Like They Led Mythologies
Because Radha Did Not End Up With Krishna
But We Goddamn Worship
Their Love Like It's A Religion. . .

Thank You. . .

Written By: Jidnya Sujata

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