DEAR LOVER POETRY - Jidnya Sujata | English Poetry

DEAR LOVER POETRY - Jidnya Sujata | English Poetry |
DEAR LOVER POETRY - Jidnya Sujata | English Poetry |

Dear Lover Poetry Lyrics by Jidnya Sujata: This English Spoken Word Poetry Performed by her. Music given by Samuel Pandya. While Dear Lover English Poetry written by Jidnya Sujata and edited by Class Clown. It's released by UnErase Poetry YouTube Channel. (Please Support Our YouTube Channel Like PoetryHit)

Poetry Credits:

Poetry Title: Dear Lover
Performed: Jidnya Sujata
Written: Jidnya Sujata
Curated: Simar Singh
Mixing & Mastering: Sohaill Gandhi
Art Design: Allwyn Pereira
Shot: The Cuckoo Club (Bandra)
Poetry Language: English
Poetry Label: UnErase Poetry{alertSuccess}

Dear Lover Poetry Lyrics

Dear Lover. . .

I Can't Promise To Always Love You
I Won't Promise You Something
I Can't Promise Myself. . .

I Will Annoy You And Hurt You
And Piss You Off All At The Same Time
And That Is The Exact Moment. . .

When I'll Expect You To Push Me Against
Any Wall, Fridge, Door, Cupboard Or Anything
That Is Close To Us And Kiss Me Till I Stop Talking. . .

I Pull You Even Closer While Making Out
And Gently Whisper In Your Ears. . .
This Is So Hot. . .
But I Gotta Pee
I Will Be Right Back. . .

Initially I Warn You Before Burping
Or Farting And Eventually
I Will Start Dropping Gas Bombs
Without Telling You
And Still Expect You To Find Me Attractive. . .

I will Invite You For Every Little Thing
That Is Happening In My Life
And My Mother's Life And My Brother's Life
And My Best Friend's Life
And Whole Person's Life. . .
And I'll Always Make You Feel Like Family. . .

I Have A Habit Of Randomly Dancing
On The Rows We're Singing As Loud
As I Can So I Would Request You
To Not Disown Me When I Do That. . .

Because Embarrassment Is Too Big
A Word To Have A Place In My
Otherwise Clumsy Life. . .

I Love Clicking Pictures Of Everything
I Find Interesting. . .

So Please Don't Get Annoyed
When I Make You Pause
For Like A Thousand Times Take It As A Compliment. . .

I Also Take Intimate Photos With You
And Edit Them In A Way
That Will Make Them Look Artsy
And Write Poems About Them
And Post Them On My Instagram But
Never Tag Unity I Tag You Memes Though
That's My View Of Indulging In Social Media PDA. . .

I Would Love For You To Learn
How To Cook And Not Because
I Want Our Roles To Be Divided
Which I am But Because
It'll Be Fun Turning You On
While Your Hands Are Busy
Adding Tadka To The Aloo I Chopped. . .

I Keep Writing You More Letters
To Tell You More Things And Yo Tell You
That I'd Love You Regardless Of You Actually
Doing All Of Those Things. . .

Dear Lover. . .

I Can't Promise To Always Love You
I Can't Promise A Relationship
Filled With Marshmallows And Honey
Sometimes Our Love Will Feel Like
How Our Downs Feel After Having
The Lord Of Peedee-Peedee Fries But
I Promise To Be That Cold Piece Of Kaju-Katri
That Will Help You With The Burning Sensation. . .

I Promise That It Will Never Be A Dull Day With Me
Which You Obviously Knew Considering
The Fact To Think I'm More Dramatic Than
Any 8 Year Old Drama Series. . .

I Promise To Always Be Honest With You
And Respect You And Support Your Decision
To Save The Last Sip Of Chocolate Milkshake For You. . .

Sometimes. . .

With Regards And Warm Hugs
The Best Thing That Will Happen To You In A While. . .

Thank You. . .

Written By: Jidnya Sujata

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