CAN I BUY YOU A DRINK POETRY - Sainee Raj | English Poetry

CAN I BUY YOU A DRINK POETRY - Sainee Raj | English Poetry |
CAN I BUY YOU A DRINK POETRY - Sainee Raj | English Poetry |

Can I Buy You A Drink Poetry Lyrics by Sainee Raj: This English Spoken Word Poetry Performed by her. Music given by Hasan. While Can I Buy You A Drink English Poetry written by Sainee Raj. It's released by UnErase Poetry YouTube Channel. (Please Support Our YouTube Channel Like PoetryHit)

Poetry Credits:

Poetry Title: Can I Buy You A Drink
Performed: Sainee Raj
Music: Hasan
Written: Sainee Raj
Curated: Simar Singh
Mixing & Mastering: Sohaill Gandhi
Sound Recording: Yash Barse
Shot: Brahma Media
Poetry Language: English
Poetry Label: UnErase Poetry{alertSuccess}

Can I Buy You A Drink Poetry Lyrics

Hey. . .

So I've Been Wondering For A While
If I'm Being Too Forward. . .

You Know. . . Asking You Out And All
This Is A Big Deal For Me
Take My Word. . !

I've Been Fed For Years
To Be Simple. . . Silly And Coy. . .

A Little Bit Ambitious
But A Little Less Than The Boy. . .

So I Guess I Never Questioned It
And Just Waited For You
To Make The First Move
With Baited Breath I Thought
That's The Only Possible Route. . .

And Sometimes I Wanted To Walk
That Extra Mile So That I Can Have
A Few More Hours With You. . .
Maybe Get An Ice-Cream
And See Where This Goes. . .

But You Know How It Works
The Do's And Dont's Of The World
They Keep Changing From Time To Time

But Seldom For The Girl. . !
And Frankly It's Quite Exhausting
To Wake Up The Next Morning
Expecting A Text From You. . .

I Mean Sure. . .
You Said You'd Call
But That Doesn't Guarantee
A Round Two. . !
Besides. . . Why Should We Wait For You To Call. . ?
Aren't We In This Together. . .After All. . !

So Here's The Deal
It's 2021 Already. . !
It's Time To Get Real. . .

My Kind A Dirty. . !
Let's Cut Out
This Age Old Conditioning
And Let's Not Be Afraid To Ask. . .

Let's Walk. . .
That Extra Mile Hand In Hand. . .

Let's Seize This Moment. . .
Let's Make It Last. . .

So Tell Me. . .
What Moves You. . ?
What Makes You Cry. . ?

When Was The Last Time
You Were Truly Happy
Are You A Fate Or A Free Will Kind A Guy. . ?

Are You Pining Over An Ex. . ?
And You Happened To Stumble Upon Me. . ?

Were You Bullied Too. . ?
Or Were You The Bully. . ?

Tell Me A Secret. . .
Come Whisper In My Ear Softly. . .
Yeah Baby. . . I Take Therapy. . !

There Are No Judgments Here
No One More And No One Less
Just Two Regular Humans Work In Progress. . .

Let's Go Dutch Next Time And Let Down Our Guards
Let's Be Friends First And Get Past The Facade
No We Don't Have To Ghost Each Other. . .
Just Honestly Would Do. . !

Hey. . .
I'm Not Looking For Anything Serious

Or Hey. . .
I Like You Too. . .

You Know. . .
Theres Enough Pressure On Both Of Us Already. . .

You Constantly Need To Have Game
And If I Go On One Too Many Dates
I'm Easily Slut Shamed. . .

You Have To Make The First Move
And I Have To Smile Coyly
And Pretend To Be Wooed. . .

I Mean. . .
Why Does The Onus Have To Be On You. . ?
After All It Takes You And Me To Be Two. . !

It's Time To Get Real With Consent
After All 2/3rd Of The World Meets On The Internet. . !

So Here's The Deal. . .

You Can Take Your Time To Think
But Just In Case You're Free Next Weekend

Can I Buy You A Drink. . ?

Written By: Sainee Raj

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