WHEN I WAS TOUCHED POETRY - Taranjit Kaur | English Poetry

WHEN I WAS TOUCHED POETRY - Taranjit Kaur | English Poetry | Poetryhit.com
WHEN I WAS TOUCHED POETRY - Taranjit Kaur | English Poetry | Poetryhit.com

When I Was Touched Poetry Lyrics by Taranjit Kaur: This English Spoken Word Poetry Performed by her. Music given by Hasan Baldiwala. While When I Was Touched English Poetry written by Taranjit Kaur and edited by Abhishek Bhutwani and Tarun. It's released by UnErase Poetry YouTube Channel. (Please Support Our YouTube Channel Like PoetryHit)

Poetry Credits:

Poetry Title: When I Was Touched
Performed: Taranjit Kaur
Written: Taranjit Kaur
Curated: Simar Singh
Mixing & Mastering: Sohaill Gandhi
Art Design: Allwyn Pereira
Sound Recording: Sreejith Menon
Shot: Above The Habitat (Mumbai)
Poetry Language: English
Poetry Label: UnErase Poetry {alertSuccess}

When I Was Touched Poetry Lyrics

I Always Had A Wall Around Me
To Protect Myself From Unknown Creatures
Though The Eyes That Scan My Body
Always Had Some Known Features. . .

Carrying An Over full Bag In The Bus
I Saved Myself From Strangers
Or Wearing Oversized Shirts
Were Ways To Protect Myself From The Worse. . .

That Day Coming Down The Stairs
He Helped Me And Hugged Me Tight
He Kissed My Lips And I Trembled With Fright
I Wish I Could Run But I Lost My Sight. . .

I Was 10. . .

I Was 10 And He Was 70
I Walked Bare Feet That Day On A Hot Empty Street. . .

Then I Was 14 And I Love To Skate
I Wish I Could Speed Through The Ring
But I Was Left In A Daze
Trying To Balance Myself
I Felt Someone Trying To Lift Me
I Felt Some Hands On My Thighs
I Wish I Could Scream
But My Lungs Failed Me
I Was 14 And He Was 46
He Was My Coach
And He Had To Teach. . .

Coming Back From College
I Got Late That Day
It Was Raining So Heavily And I Could Just Pray
That My Parents Don't Panic I Took A Rick
As I Got Out In Front Of The Gate
I Felt A Prick. . .

The Rickshaw Puller Put His Hand On My Tiny Breast
I Felt Now How Now I Wish I Could Cut His Neck
As I Ran Inside To The Shower I Kept Scrubbing Myself
To Get Rid Of That Touch
And Again I Blamed Myself. . .

Now It Was A Summer Break
We Were Happy To Be Away
And I Could Play With My Cousins All Through The Day
After Hours Of Fun I Ran Inside To The Bed
And Crashed To Get An Afternoon Nap. . .

But As I Shut My Eyes To Sleep
I Felt Some Hands Moving Under My Skirt
But For God's Sake You're My Uncle
I Wish I Could Say Go No Further
But I Didn't. . .

I Just Shut My Eyes
I Was 16 And He Was 50. . .

Whenever We're Ever Molested And Touched
By People Known Unknown Or People I Could Trust
I Wish I Could Scream
Tell Someone That My Trust Was Breached. . .

But I Did None As I Was Less
Or Just A Teen
My Uncles My Teachers Or Strangers
Could I Ask You This. . ?

What Made You Think
That You Could Touch Me Or Feel Me
Before Doing This Did You Even Think. . ?

When You Touch Someone So Young
You're Hurting Them For Life
With Wounds That Never Heal
And Leaving Them With Fright
Being Touched Or Held Too Close. . .

Because It Takes Years To Know The Difference
Between Being Molested And Loved. . .

And I Still Need An Answer. . .

Why I Was Touched. . ?

Written By: Taranjit Kaur

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