TO MY LOVERS EX POETRY - Jidnya Sujata | English Poetry

TO MY LOVERS EX POETRY - Jidnya Sujata | English Poetry |
To My Lovers Ex Poetry by Jidnya Sujata: This English Spoken Word Poetry Performed by her. Music given by Preethesh Dsouza. While To My Lovers Ex English Poetry written by Jidnya Sujata and edited by Brahma Media. It's released by Spill Poetry YouTube Channel. (Please Support Our YouTube Channel Like PoetryHit)

Poetry Credits:
Poetry Title: To My Lovers Ex
Performed: Jidnya Sujata
Music: Preethesh Dsouza
Written: Jidnya Sujata
Sound Recording: Yash Barse
Shot: The Habitat Khar (Mumbai)
Poetry Language: English
Poetry Label: Spill Poetry

To My Lovers Ex Poetry

To My Lovers Ex
You Probably Don't Know Me
But I Know You. . . A Little. . .

Because He Talks About You
More Often Than Not. . .

Whenever He Reads A Poem He Wrote For You
He Doesn't Look Me In The Eye
And I Understand Why. . .

I Don't' Have The Ears He Wants To Reach
Whenever He Talks About You
It Feels Like His Mouth Is
An Overflowing Basket Of Unwashed Clothes

Reeking Of The Days Spent In Your Embrace
The Garments Filled With Stains Of All The Times
He Lots His Grip And Fell For You. . .

Sometimes. . .
When I Guide Him Through A Dance Step
He Abruptly Stops And Walks Away
I Wonder If Fullstops Is All He Has To Offer
To Someone Who Whishes To Puts A Comma
After Every Word. . . Every Hug. . . Every Kiss. . .
Wishing For The Sentence To Never End
Wishing For The Love To Never End. . .

He Looks At Your Pictures
Like An Impoverished Child Looks At A Family
Eating At A Fast Food Joint From
The Other Side Of The Glass
Hoping That They'd Turn Around And Look At Him
Hoping That They'll Ask If He's Hungry
Hoping That They'll Share Their Food
Maybe Some Love Too. . .

He Spends His Evenings Alone In His Balcony
Looking At The Old Couple. . .
That Lives On 5th Floor In The Building Opposite His. . .

He Adores Their Relationship
Last Week When The Old Woman Passed Away
He Shut Himself For A Day. . .

Seeing Love Lose Against Destiny
Is Something That Torments Him
And I Think We Both Know Why. . .

But I Don't Know
If He'll Ever Write Poems About Me

I Don't Know
If He'll Talk About Me To Someone Else

I Don't Know
If He'll Hold My Hand In His And Waltz Across The Room

I Don't Know
If He'll Crave For The Love I Have To Offer

I Don't Know
If He'll Imagine Us
Being The Old Couple That Everyone Looks At With Awe. . .

And Very Honestly. . .
I Don't Even Know Why I'm Writing This To You. . ?

I Don't Know
If You'll Read It. . .

I Don't Know
If This Letter'll Ignite something In The Dusty Fireplace Of Your Heart. . .

I Don't Know If It'll Make You Want
To Rediscover The Depth Of His Ocean-Soul. . .

But All I Know. . .
Is That He Ends His Piece With Tears In His Eyes And Says. . .

I Need You. . .

And I Know. . .
That He Is Not Saying That To Me. . .

Written By: Jidnya Sujata

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