IT'S OKAY TO CRY POETRY - Sainee Raj | English Poetry

IT'S OKAY TO CRY POETRY - Sainee Raj | English Poetry |
IT'S OKAY TO CRY POETRY - Sainee Raj | English Poetry |

It's Okay To Cry Poetry Lyrics by Sainee Raj: This English Spoken Word Poetry Performed by her. Music given by Hasan. While It's Okay To Cry English Poetry written by Sainee Raj and edited by Abhishek Bhutwani. It's released by UnErase Poetry YouTube Channel. (Please Support Our YouTube Channel Like PoetryHit)

Poetry Credits:

Poetry Title: It's Okay To Cry
Performed: Sainee Raj
Music: Hasan
Written: Sainee Raj
Curated: Simar Singh
Mixing & Mastering: Sohaill Gandhi
Art Design: Allwyn Pereira
Ghazal: Shakeel Badayuni
Sound Recording: Sreejith Menon
Shot: Above The Habitat (Mumbai)
Poetry Language: English
Poetry Label: UnErase Poetry {alertSuccess}

It's Okay To Cry Poetry Lyrics

When I Was Younger
I Dream Of A World. . .

A World. . .
This World Didn't Exactly Turn Out To Be
And Sometimes That Would Make Me Sad
To Think That No One Really Gets Me. . !

Somedays Feel Heavier Than The Rest
And Yet The Show Must Go On
To Constantly Feel Like
You're Being Put Through A Test Wondering

Whe Me. . ?
Where Did I Even Go Wrong. . !
Here's The Thing That I Wish I Knew Sooner
To Get Past The Pain
For It Hurts More
The More You Hold It In. . !

Cry. . !

Cry Your Eyes Out If You Must
Cry When It Rains And It Doesn't
Cry If You've Stubbed Your Toe
Against Your Side Table. . .

Cry If Your Wifi Connection Isn't Stable. . !
Cry If Your Heart Aches
Cry If Nothing Is Going Your Way. . .
A Moment Of Introspection Is All It Takes. . !

Tears Aren't A Sign Of Weakness
But Of The Courage To Keep Going
Besides It's A Great Way To Detox
And Give Yourself A Chance To Being Again. . !

So Don't Let Anyone Tell You Otherwise
Not Your Friend. . .
Friend Or An Advertisement
Only If We Encouraged Each Other To Share Our Feelings
We'd Create A World Of No Judgements. . .

And Once's You're Crying
Have A Good Look At The Tissues
You Wiped Your Tears With
They're Soaked In What We Call The Past

It's Gone Which Means You've Already Made It. . !
This Is Not A Magic Trick
So Don't Expect Miracles...

But You'll Be Surprised To Know
That It Works Wonders
Whether You're a Saint Or a Pick. . !
For Everyone Hurts And Everyone Errs
The Hunter And The Prey. . .
And There's No Better Way To Know You're Alive. . .
That To Know That You Can Still Care. . !

So Cry If You Miss A Lots Friend
Cry If That Math Problems Is Too Tough To Comprehend
Cry If You feel Overwhelmed
Try Your Best To Ask For Help
Even When You Think
There's No One But Yourself. . !

You'd Be Surprised To Know
How Many People See Merit In Crying. . .
And Healing Throug It. . .
For Beverages Are Meant To Be Bottled Up
Not Human Feelings. . !

And When You're Done With All The Crying
Have A Good Look At Yourself In The Mirror
It's Amazing How You've Made It
Despite Of All The Fears. . .

Nothing Lasts Forever
Trust Me When I Say
This Feeling Will Pass. . .
Tomorrow Will Be A New Day. . !

This Is Not A Poem. . .
But A Piece Of My Heart. . .

What's Gone Is Gone. . .
It's Time To Restart. . .

Written By: Sainee Raj

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