HOW TO BE A MAN POETRY - Simar Singh | English Poetry

HOW TO BE A MAN POETRY - Simar Singh | English Poetry |
HOW TO BE A MAN POETRY - Simar Singh | English Poetry |

How To Be A Man Poetry Lyrics by Simar Singh: This English Spoken Word Poetry Performed by him. Music given by Pranav Kakkar. While How To Be A Man English Poetry written by Simar Singh and edited also by Simar Singh. It's released by UnErase Poetry YouTube Channel. (Please Support Our YouTube Channel Like PoetryHit)

Poetry Credits:

Poetry Title: How To Be A Man
Performed: Simar Singh
Music: Pranav Kakkar
Written: Simar Singh
Curated: Simar Singh
Mixing & Mastering: Sreejith Menon
Art Design: Allwyn Pereira
Shot: The Habitat, Khar (Mumbai)
Poetry Language: English
Poetry Label: UnErase Poetry{alertSuccess}

How To Be A Man Poetry Lyrics

Men Don't Feel Pain. . .

We've Been Brought Up In Households
Which Made Us Preach Such False Teachings
They Told Me That I Will Soon Be The Man Of The House
When I Was Just Six Years Old. . .

It's Not Their Fault You See
This Is What They've Been Taught Since Centuries
That Men Don't Feel And Men Don't Cry

Man Up They Told Me
Man Up Young Boy
And As A Kid
I Once Cried In Public
And People Laughed
As If They Actually Loved It

And Then That Kid Wiped His Eyes
His Smiling Face Was Full Of Lies
He'd Make A Decent Writer
But An Engineer Sounds More Wise

When Can We finally Talk About Mental Violence. . ?
So That I Can Finally Break This Silence. . ?
So That I Can Unlock My Door
And Let You In
Don't Ask Me Why Was It Shut
So Long And Why Is It So Dark In Here. . ?

So This Is About The Men In Your Life
And Contrary To Popular Belief
This Still Is Feminism. . .

This Is For Every Brother
Every Father. . . Every Son
Who Wet His Pillow So Many Times
And Yet He's Woken Up Just Fine. . .

He's Broken Down And Yet He's Smiled
His Owned His Moustache But
He's Still A Child. . .

He wishes He Could Talk To You About This
But He Wouldn't Know Where To Begin

He's Product Of A Failed Social System
When Expressing Himself Was Considered Sin
And He's Buried Them All Inside And Look
He's Alive And Yet He Carries His Kin. . .
Look At His Tears Drip From His Silence
You Need To Break This Silence And Talk To Him

So Go. . .
Talk To Your Dad. . .
Ask Him What His Dreams Were
What He Really Wanted To Pursue

Talk To Your Elder Brother
Ask Him What He's Going Through
How He Landed Up In This Job. . ?

He Never Wanted To Tell Him You Miss Him
And That He Could Spend More Time At Home
And That He Doesn't Need To Hide
His Notebook Anymore. . .

Talk To Your Son
Who Might Be Really Young
But Tell Him That He Needs To Speak
And That Crying In Public Won't Mean
That He's Weak. . .

But He Can't Cry Himself To Sleep Every Night
Because The World Is Running Out Of Dry Pillows. . .

Talk To Them. . .
They Might Not Speak Up About
What They Have Been Through
And It Might Take Them
A While To Actually Share. . .

But It Will Be Comforting For Them To Know
That Someone's There To Listen
Someone Will Help Them Take Care
And Most Importantly. . .

Talk To Yourself. . .

Look Into The Mirror. . .
Smile. . . 😊
  • One Out Of Every Five Indians Is Suffering From A Mental Disorder.

  • A WHO Report Suggests That India Is The Most Depressed Country In The World.{alertInfo}

Written By: Simar Singh

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